Accessible and easy to use CT scanners for Metrology and Analysis.

The exaCT Computed Tomography machines are Industrial CT scanner system, from Wenzel that open up a whole new world of metrology and offer much more capability than a laser scanner or white light scanning system. Parts and assemblies can now be measured inside as well as outside with the complete part DNA being captured. The exaCT machines can also be used for materials analysis and non-destructive testing. Looking for CT Measurement Services? Click here.

The part is penetrated with X-Rays and these 2D shots are reconstructed into 3D models with our exaCT Analysis software which also handles the point cloud management, NDT and reverse engineering.

Wenzel America also offers 3d scanning services with Computed Tomography or with CMM and 3d laser scanner.

The thing that more than anything else that distiguishes the exaCT range is their ease of use by enigineers and quality staff not previously experiences in radiography or X-Ray technologies.  the systems seamlessly integrate with Metrology and other quality applications, are compact and can be safely installed in and office, lab or on the shop floor.

What are the Wenzel exaCT Computed Tomography 3D Scanning Workstations

WENZEL exaCT 3D scanning machines package advanced Industrial computed tomography into easy to use ergonomic and safe engineering workstation and desktop machines for metrology applications

What do exaCT Workstations do?

exaCT  Workstations and desktop machines use X-rays and 3D scanning reconstruction to enable visualization and measurement of parts inside and out in places that cannot be measured by any other means.

What applications are suitable for exaCT Workstations?

Ideal for measurement of plastic moldings and light castings with complex, hard or impossible to reach features.  Analysis and visualization of assembly defects.  Measurement and non-destructive testing of parts inside an enclosure; even still inside their packaging.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the exaCT range?
  • Metrology grade components from the Wenzel  for the highest resolution and accuracy.
  • Non-destructive testing capability to detect porosity, part and assembly defects.
  • Ideal for parts produced by 3D Printing with complex impossible to access geometry.
  • Very small footprint, lightweight and ergonomic machines for the laboratory or office
  • Minimal regulatory overhead due to shielding and safe interlocked design.
  • Highly competitive purchase and life-cycle cost.
  • All system components and software are developed, produced and maintained by WENZEL.

More about our industrial scanning machines – exaCT

When it comes to industrial scanning, Computed Tomography may be one of the most underutilized forms of measurement. We’ve written a number of industrial scanning articles over the years outlining the advantages and advances that make CT such a valuable quality tool. For more information on our line of CT and other industrial scanning equipment, call us or contact us here


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