exaCT S

exaCT S

The exaCT S is a modular system concept with exceptional system stability and can be perfectly integrated into existing measurement rooms.

A System Concentrated on the Specific Needs of the User

The exaCT S is a device that is not only partially superior, but point by point to comparable devices. The compact size of this system associated with precision mechanics, of our own production, and the innovative detector technology are the foundation for the systems excellent stability. Software, service, consultation and training and also integrated.

Above all, the performance and the user friendliness of the integrated application software ensure that the full extent of the innovative device concept of the exaCT S is brought to bear. The exaCT control data acquisition software for optimized control of the computer tomography and the exaCT Volume reconstruction software for precise calculation of the volume data was developed by Wenzel Volumetrik.

The evaluation software of the exaCT has a direct link to the proven software products of Metrosoft QUARTIS from Wenzel Metromec and PointMaster from Wenzel Knotenpunkt. The applications for the exaCT S are measurement and testing technology where 3D data of complex inner structures are required. The tasks that can be performed with the exaCT S are numerous and range from material analysis, through the testing of joining technology, right up to reverse engineering.

As with the exaCT volume scanning technology, both material and geometry data are present, so multiple evaluations can be carried out on the basis of a single measurement.

Because of the non-contact and non-destructive measurement, components that are not suitable for other measurement techniques, such as tactile or optical CMMs can be examined. Fast and complete digitizing of objects can be performed by scanning the overall geometry in a single measurement step.

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