CORE S is a 5-axis, optical CMM system ideal for measurement of small to medium turbine blades, medical implants or any parts with polished, reflective surfaces and sharp edges.

An Optical Machine with Reliable Results

The CORE S measures using a unique, “double-eye” sensor which ensures good point accessibility and even collects reliable data with the axis of the light beam up to 85 degrees to the surface normal.

The new generation of CORE S has an automatic cover which closes during the measurement cycle ensuring perfect optical, thermal and clean conditions. The CORE S is shop-hardened, designed to be robot loaded and occupies a small footprint.

The CORE S can also be calibrated to ISO standards just like a CMM. An integral, high-resolution, direct drive Rotary Table provides synchronous part positioning to the measuring sensor further optimizing inspection cycle through a complete simultaneous 5 axis motion.

Maximum scanning speed is up to 400 mm/s across the surface of the part. CORE S has a travel range of 300 x 200 x 450 mm and is optimized for measurement of turbine blades, orthopedic implants and other small high volume quality critical manufactured parts.

Benefits of the CORE S

  • Specialist applications, the best machine for the job: ideal for turbine blades, medical parts, and other parts with similar features.
  • Speed, because time is money: 5-axis, high scanning speeds, and no part preparation or spraying needed.
  • Shop floor, close to production: small footprint, protection from the environment, and built for automation.
  • Flexibility to get you the solution YOU need: range of sensors and configurations and internal blade reporting or export in many formats. Able to measure parts with dull or shiny finish.
  • Reliability of results, an optical machine you can trust: no cosine error and no out-of-plane error. An optical system with known uncertainty (ISO 10360).


Space Requirements (LxWxH) 2255 x 1500 x 2100 mm
Machine Weight 1500 kg
Acceleration > 3000 mm/s²
Measurement System Resolution 0,1 μm


Space Requirements (LxWxH) 1660 x 1300 x 1820 mm
Machine Weight 775 kg
Acceleration > 3000 mm/s²
Measurement System Resolution 0,1 μm

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