CORE is an optical CMM system with 5 or 6 axis which is ideal for turbine blade inspection and medical implant measurement or any other parts with similar characteristics of polished surfaces and sharp edges. The high speed optical scanning machines are shop-hardened and occupy a small footprint.

These measurement types are challenging for traditional CMM and video system machines, laser scanner and white light scanning systems.

The CORE machine range can measure blades and other parts from 1” to 80” tall and can be calibrated to ISO standards just like a CMM.

The CORE range of optical high speed scanning machines is part of Wenzel’s wide range of metrology equipment, which includes one of the largest ranges of CMM machines in the world, a 3d laser scanner, Shapetracer, a white light scanning head, Phoenix, a full line of gear Inspection systems and an industrial CT Scanner range, exaCT.

What is the CORE Optical CMM?

The Wenzel-Scantec CORE is a high speed, non-contact, 3d Scanning, optical CMM system packaged for the shop floor.

What does the CORE do?

The CORE uses a high intensity spot of light to measure parts instead of a traditional tactile probe. It is very fast, accurate, repeatable and reliable. Unlike other non-contact systems it can be calibrated to ISO 10360 and used in a production environment. It is typically 5 times faster than a tactile measuring machine.

What is a MAXOS?

A MAXOS (Multi Axis Optical System) is a CORE sensor and software fitted on any Wenzel measuring machine.

What applications are suitable for CORE?

The CORE is ideal for measurement of turbine blades and medical implants that have machined or polished surfaces and require a high level of inspection. It is a small footprint production measurement machine.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the CORE?
  • CORE will measure the shiniest polished surfaces with no need to spray coat.
  • CORE ‘s light spot has no cosine error meaning radii of as small as 0.005” can be measured
  • Can be calibrated to ISO 10360 just like a regular measuring machine.
  • Shop floor ready; Linear guides and motors mean no requirement for compressed air.
  • All system components and software are developed, produced and maintained by WENZEL.

3D Scanning and 3D Imaging are the other half of the equation in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. With 3D printing the possibilities may seem endless, and maybe they are, but only if proven metrology principles are applied to measurement using 3D Scanning and 3D imaging. If you can’t measure you can’t ensure quality. Without quality assurance that 3D scanning can produce all manufacturing fails. To find out which of Wenzel America’s optical CMM solutions can help you assure your quality in additive manufacturing contact Giles Gaskell at 248.295.4300 or email


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