CORE S is a 5-axis, optical CMM system ideal for measurement of small to medium turbine blades, medical implants or any parts with polished, reflective surfaces and sharp edges.

exaCT S

exaCT S

The exaCT S is a modular system concept with exceptional system stability and can be perfectly integrated into existing measurement rooms. The compact size of the system associated with precision mechanics and the innovative detector technology are the foundation for the systems excellent stability.

GT 300

GT Series 300

The GT 300 was especially developed for the measurement and analysis of smaller gears and rotational symmetrical parts from the automotive industry. Optionally the GT 300 can be equipped with a tailstock for measurements between centers.

XO Coordinate Measuring Machine

XOrbit CMM

An entry level, top-quality version of our CMMs. This machine brings the renowned stability of a granite CMM to the entry level market, in a variety of sizes and configurations.

SF-55 Shop Floor

SF 55

The SF 55 is a CNC Bridge measuring device for use in a production environment and can be equipped with both tactile and optical sensors. The corrosion-free guides of the machine are made of granite and hand lapped with high precision.

LH Compact Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Compact CMM

The precision you require in a compact sized machine. Whether you need an entry level machine or a machine with greater emphasis on performance—our products will exceed your expectations.

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