Adventures of a metrologist at the Gear Expo

Me at the FTM '17

Three men posing together smilingIf you’re in the gear industry, there’s a 173% chance you’ve heard of the Gear Expo – THE Drive Technology Show which takes place every odd year. This year was a success with over 5,300 attendees over the three-day show. It was also Wenzel America’s best Gear Expo because it has not only been a long time since we demonstrated our gear metrology expertise to the world but it was also our first time exhibiting in our own booth!

Our WGT280 was a hit running different types of gears and tools as curious customers peeked at our latest gear software, chatted with my colleague Scott, and swiped a pen or thumb drive as if it were Halloween candy!

People sitting listening to speakerThis being the first time I was given the task of heading a show, I knew I would meet many new people, and I did. However, I forgot how many people I would already know since gearheads are a close-knit family. Here are some of the different types of groups I got a chance to talk to that made the show the interesting industry it is and that YOU can also meet next time!

AGMA – A truly dedicated association, indeed. This group did not hesitate to connect each member with the best resources the industry has to offer. They let us know about their upcoming plans to keep abreast on future technologies that might affect the gear industry all the while having the best instructors teaching more courses in the coming months.

Customers – This was a great forum to put a face to the names of customers which I’ve only been interfacing with through e-mails and social media. I’m glad to say that many of them would like to show me where their gear inspection machine lives so I will be seeing many of you again in the near future!

Booth sign

Gear Magazines – Gear Solutions and Gear Technology were a great resource for us because they were a great medium to let everyone know about metrology news. In case you missed them, you can find the articles here and here. I’m also thankful that I was invited to participate in one of the live panel sessions where I answered questions regarding inspection along other industry experts.

Exhibitors – Of course, seeing all of the different products that are offered in gearing was a treat. I was very glad to see the unique problems that are being solved like having special tooth shapes, minimizing noise, and how skiving is blossoming.

People sitting listening to speakerFall Technical Meeting – This special event I consider part of the Gear Expo since one of the days even overlap. These three days of presentations were filled with the smartest minds in the world performing various research with gears to explore how we can tackle the problems of tomorrow.

It goes without saying then that I can’t wait for the 2019 Gear Expo in Detroit, MI! You heard it here first – come see us in booth #3832! Stay tuned for more metrology news by visiting our website and make sure to contact me should you have any questions! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @GearMarks to stay up to date with the latest from CMMs, Renishaw, AUKOM training, gear news, and everything to do with metrology!