A powerful combination: LH Gantry and REVO

LH Gantry CMM machine measuring parts for the aerospace industry.

Aegerter Swiss Technology AG relies on precision and quality from WENZEL

A powerful combination – LH Gantry CMM & 5-axis measuring system REVO

Aegerter Swiss Technology AG , based in Heimberg, Switzerland, is a leading expert in the CNC machining of special materials and complex components. The company has successfully specialized in the manufacture of precision components for the aerospace, industrial, and defense industries.

The LH Gantry series from WENZEL is characterized by unbeatable precision for coordinate measuring machines of this size. This is why Aegerter Swiss Technology AG (formerly known as Aegerter Feinmechanik from 1977 to 2004) opted for the LH Gantry 2015 with the REVO 5-axis measuring system from Renishaw. This combination sets practically no limits. Whether it is measuring with probes with a length of 800 mm or measuring roughness – the new system handles all these tasks effortlessly.

The advantages of the LH Gantry

The LH Gantry from WENZEL, a CNC coordinate measuring machine with air bearings in all axes, is characterized by numerous advantages. The integration of air bearings in all axes enables precise and low-friction movement, resulting in outstanding accuracy. This system offers all the advantages and application possibilities of the LH series and was developed specifically for the inspection of large-volume and heavy workpieces.

Particularly noteworthy are the raised guides in the Y-axis, which ensure outstanding stability and rigidity, even during dynamic movements. This design ensures that the measuring device delivers first-class performance even for demanding testing tasks. Overall, the LH Gantry offers an optimum combination of precision, versatility and robustness for the accurate inspection of even large and heavy workpieces.

Product information

Overall, the machine body forms an inherently stable, homogeneous unit with optionally integrated active vibration damping, which does not require a separate foundation. Thermal environmental influences acting on the workpiece and the CMM can be corrected by utilizing automatic temperature compensation (optional).

Through the optional use of a rotary table, even large rotationally symmetrical components can be measured flexibly and accurately. measuring machines of the LH Gantry series are available in the accuracy classes Standard, Premium, and Premium-Select.

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