Computed Tomography for precision and stable processes

Gear being measured in a computed tomography machine by WENZEL

The WENZEL exaCT S: EXACTLY ACCURATE is the CT machine that plays an important role in the process chain to ensure a more stable process.

Precision in all areas is our claim

Precision in all areas is the motto of Jörg Becker, Managing Partner of GROTE + Brocksieper GmbH + Co. KG from Kierspe.

He knows what he is talking about, because in the production of complex plastic parts such as gears, the highest quality and precision are essential. The investment in computer tomography (CT) from WENZEL means that, in addition to measuring and inspecting components quickly and accurately, it is now possible to take a look inside the workpieces without destroying them. This means non-destructive testing is made possible! Accuracy and precision are imperative.

GROTE + BROCKSIEPER GmbH + Co. KG is a manufacturer of injection molds and technical plastic parts. As a supplier to many industrial sectors – the automotive and bicycle industries, the aerosol and pump industries, the household and furniture sectors, medical technology and the electrical and electronics industries, as well as the construction sector – the company has extensive know-how in processing a wide range of thermoplastics, from standard to high-tech plastics. For quality control purposes, a large number of products have been evaluated since last year with the aid of the new exaCT S computer tomograph from WENZEL.

CT is an important building block in the process chain synonym to quality assurance

In the early stages of product development, GROTE + BROCKSIEPER’s consulting and elaboration of quality assurance criteria is of great importance. Critical measured part characteristics are compiled using meaningful initial sample test reports and graphics and compared with the 3D models and design drawings. This requires the use of appropriate measuring machines within the process and quality control. The use of the exaCT S computer tomography desktop machine from WENZEL is an important building block in the process chain and now ensures greater process stability.

Among other things, the computer tomograph offers assistance in controlling the compensation of shrinkage and warpage, an omnipresent topic in mold and tool making. This effect is particularly evident in complex plastic components with high accuracy requirements. The precision and repeatability of the injection molding machines used at GROTE + BROCKSIEPER make it possible to introduce targeted corrections to the injection molds produced in their toolmaking department during the sampling process. The prerequisite is that these are verified non-destructively using computer tomography. In this way, the desired dimensional accuracy of the component can be achieved with less corrective grinding, resulting in considerable cost and time savings.

“Ultimately, this enables us to shorten the phases between initial sampling, tool correction grinding and the start of series production.”

Trust in man and machine

Contact with WENZEL was established through their factory representative for North Rhine-Westphalia, Klostermann Ingenieurbüro und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH from Remscheid, who has been working with GROTE + BROCKSIEPER on a basis of trust for many years. “Throughout the project phase, we were able to engage in a high-frequency exchange with Sales and Applications Engineering. Questions were answered promptly and technically substantiated. In addition, the synergy effects of the computer tomograph with the evaluation possibilities of the GearPro gear software from OGP convinced us,” explains Technical Manager Fabian Crummenerl.

“Due to the existing long-standing cooperation with GROTE + BROCKSIEPER, who also purchased the multi-sensor measuring machines from us a few years ago, we were involved in the decision-making process very early on and ultimately received the order package, consisting of a CT scanner, gear software and a training volume of 28 days,” Christian Klostermann is pleased to say. “When looking for a supplier for CT systems, we naturally visited other manufacturers in addition to WENZEL,” explains Fabian Crummenerl. “What was striking about WENZEL was that a trusting basis for discussion prevailed right from the start, and everything that was presented technically and communicated and assured commercially during our visit turned out to be binding in retrospect. Our purchase decision has been confirmed and proven to be correct in several months of use.”

They were also impressed by the high level of vertical integration that GROTE + BROCKSIEPER was able to see at WENZEL. Jörg Becker explains: “The potential of a mechanical engineering company with more than 50 years of expertise is also reflected in many components of our CT system. Hard stone machining, precision rotary tables, and the overall high quality of workmanship were convincing”.