Aerospace makes a comeback


The Changing Face of AerospaceA recent report by the LAEDC details the “Changing Face of Aerospace in Southern California.” A news story, based around that report states, “Aerospace is making a comeback in Southern California.”

One of the reasons, “Just like other kinds of U.S. manufacturing, aerospace has become more “capital intensive”, according to Christine Cooper, an economist at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC). “Which means higher levels of automation and fewer levels of employees, and the employees are more productive,” she said.

“We’re retaining the higher level of manufacturing here in this area,” Cooper said. “Although it’s small, it’s growing quickly.” The resurgence is due in part to the need for higher levels of manufacturing and the increased productivity.

While the report is specifically about Southern California and the “Aerospace Industry Cluster”, the report details the methodology used to make the determination and mine some of the data. So it is feasible that a study similar to this may have been, or could be done in your particular area.

Aerospace Industry Sector

Where does Wenzel fit into this? Well, first and foremost, Wenzel offers unparalleled high productivity custom solutions for metrology.

We have a proven track record with turbine blade measurement, as well as traditional metrology applications.Take a look at this post to see some of our recent innovations.

CMM Machine

#1 We make all the granite components ourselves. Check this post out for details. This means while we offer standard sizes, we can just as easily put your customized sized CMM in our production pipeline. We have made long bridge machines (8 meter Y bridge machine in picture) as well giant LHF machines to accommodate rings of 4 meters wide and 12 meters long.

We can make this machine to your exact size specifications to fit in your facility, no compromises. Not all frames are created equal and not all support is equal as well. The availability of factory trained technicians, a stock of wearing and spare parts here in the U.S. and access to web based support, ensures your investment has maximum uptime.

#2 We offer 5-axis scanning at 500 mm/sec for your parts. Marrying a REVO sensor to the Wenzel frame gives you the best of both worlds. You have a solid rigid frame with the fastest tactile scanning technology available.

CMM Machine

Some of the benefits of five axis machining technology can be found here. Some of the same reasons you can gain an advantage over your competitors by 5-axis machining are the same for utilizing 5-axis measuring. Faster setup times, better accuracy, and having the capabilities to check parts you bid on, thereby future proofing your shop.

If the manufacturing in aerospace is making a comeback, an excellent CMM will be able to prove to your customers that your parts meet their requirements. Again, you excel at manufacturing, why should you cast doubt on it with an inferior and slow CMM?

The REVO’s speed and infinite articulation coupled with the Wenzel frame will reduce the measuring time needed to check your part and increases throughput of your entire manufacturing process. The REVO guarantees you the optimal throughput and the Wenzel CMM means you have the platform capable of wringing all that performance out of the REVO.

#3 We have the application know-how in house to get the most out of your Wenzel CMM – REVO System. With all the REVO’s on Wenzel machines that we have installed, we have the programming knowledge to get your team up to speed quickly. In some cases, we can help plan and test most of the programming before the machine even arrives.

We have a couple of partners, for example, Borbolla Metrology and Vantage Measurement Systems that have in house application support for REVO. Having those resources in house, at the start of your project means that you ensure a rapid development of strategies and processes that maximizes your investment. This means your measuring parts sooner and providing validating data to your customer when needed.

Customers have seen reduction in measuring times from PH10 systems from ~80 minutes to ~10 minutes. This was based on our re-writing of their programs, to get the results they required, but utilizing the 5-axis technology of the REVO. We will teach your team how to increase the throughput of your metrology lab.

CMM machine

If there is a resurgence in high level aerospace manufacturing in Southern California and perhaps the entire country, it makes sense to have a partner that can keep up with your need for increased precision and quality while helping to improve your throughput.

Don’t compromise on the piece of the equation
that validates your expertise in manufacturing.

Wenzel America is your partner for high level manufacturing.

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