Are You Ready for the Smallest Footprint Air-Bearing CMM Possible?

Photo2- XO+55-v3

In response to customers and the manufacturing market’s need for a highly accurate, air bearing coordinate measuring machine that will take up as little valuable shop floor real estate as possible, we’ve just launched the XOplus 5.5.5 SF.

4 Big Reasons smaller is better with the new XOplus 5.5.5 SF

Do you make small parts?

We have customers who make small turbine blades for example. Parts like this require a coordinate measuring machine with 500mm or 20” cubic volume, simple tool set-ups and need no space for change racks.

Is shop floor real estate valuable? We know it is. If you’re like our customers, you need to keep the amount of shop space occupied by machines to an absolute minimum. It’s just too expensive.
Do you need the accuracy of an air bearing CMM? Now our customers don’t have to make the sacrifice of accuracy from a mechanical bearing CMM vs. air bearing to get the small footprint.
Is your shop floor vibration free? If you’re like most customers we’ve talked to, the fact that an air bearing CMM has built in dampers (the air bearings themselves) to isolate the machine from variable and unpredictable amounts of floor-born vibrations is a big deal.

If you need it, we will build it – well, at least in this case

Up to now this machine didn’t really exist, but we are renowned for our flexibility and customer responsiveness. So, after many conversations with our customers and requests for this exact set of features in a smaller coordinate measuring machine, we consulted with our engineers and craftsmen at Wenzel Group and lo and behold the XOplus 5.5.5 SF was born.

All the features of the XOplus CMM family – only smaller

cmm machine

coordinate measuring machine

Of course the structure of XOplus is the same as our regular, all-granite XO CMM measuring machines with new covers on the X- and Y-axes and a few other modifications.

If you haven’t guessed, the SF initials stand for Small Footprint rather than Shop Floor. Having said that, the shops we install in are pretty clean these days and most have some rudimentary temperature controls in place. Let’s not forget that the all granite structure of the Wenzel frame offers excellent temperature stability in varying temperature conditions and that the Wenzel XOplus family offers an excellent price/performance ratio.



More unique features that you won’t find in any other CMM

  • The XOplus 5.5.5 SF only has a 20” cubic volume.
  • The controller and PC are housed in a special stand under the machine. No separate desk is required saving even more floor space.
  • The monitor, keyboard and mouse are installed on a swivel arm and fully adjustable to suit the operator.
  • Wenzel’s precision all-granite structure guaranteeing good measuring performance even in varying temperature conditions.
  • Occupies less than 45 inches by 55 inches of floor space.

OK, that’s all good, but can I get it custom?

There’s no one size fits all and we’re not going to say, “You can have it in any color you want as long as you want black.”

  • For one customer we recently customized this unique small footprint CMM by adding:
  • Touch screen monitors
  • Special placement of main power switches
  • And … even custom paint colors

Of course these special, tailored versions can only be made with multiple machine purchases, sorry, no one-offs if you want it customized.

But, we’re obviously flexible and responsive, so let us know exactly what you need – whether it’s a single coordinate measuring machine or a customized solution you’ve never seen anywhere else. You never know, we might surprise you – and say “Sure, we can build that.” Get in touch and let us know your quality needs.