Control 2017

industry 4.0

Visiting the Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany is a must for people interested in Metrology. The show fills many halls in the Messe Stuttgart.

messe stuttagrt

At the most recent Control 2017, it did not disappoint. There are over 450 categories covered at the show. It truly is a one stop shopping for what’s new and improved at the metrology show.

One of the big themes throughout the show was Industry 4.0. For a quick refresher on what Industry 4.0 is check out the wikipedia entry here.

industry 4.0

For example nearly every booth had some sort of robot feeding parts to the various quality instruments. Additionally, the desire to make transparent all the data these instruments are collecting was apparent in the many software solutions as well.




If you have ever visited an IMTS show, you can tell the big players by the size of the booths as well. The Control Show is no different. Zeiss, Hexagon, Wenzel, Mahr, etc were all there with massive booths and a variety of machines and technologies. In the Wenzel Booth alone, they had the following:

  • several LH CMM’s with improved accuracy specs and the new multitouch joystick
  • a WGT 280 (Gear tester)
  • the new CORE system (Checking a turbine blade loaded by a robot)
  • the new exaCT U, (Computed tomography machine)
  • Wenzel IMI (Intelligent machine interface)
  • a giant horizontal arm machine with the new Shapetracer 2, (Laser line scanner)

Hopefully, this gives you a taste of some of the new and exciting technologies that are being introduced and are available now. Contact a Wenzel representative here or check out the website here.

– Patrick Lanthier