Customized Innovation for One Customer Leads to 7 Breakthroughs in PointMaster 5.4 Industrial Scanning for All Customers.

Ralf Jaumann

PointMaster is our successful and reliable industrial scanning software with proven modules for Reverse Engineering, Verification, CAM Milling and Computed Tomography.

This latest version boasts lots of improvements. What started out as a custom project became a whole new product release for you. This version allows efficient scan path planning, plus a fully automatic measurement protocol generation capability.

In a recent interview we asked Chief Developer and Branch Manager, Ralf Jaumann, to explain the most important innovations.

What’s new in Wenzel PointMaster 5.4 Industrial Scanning Software?

Ralf Jaumann

Earlier this year we teamed up with a leading car manufacturer to develop a customized application solution for new a new quality center.

Based on that customization we implemented many new features into the latest version for all of our PointMaster 5.4 industrial scanning software customers.

For example, measurement reports can be created automatically via a script language. We’ve also made a big step toward virtual tool compensation by taking already reproached tool geometries into account in our compensation calculation.

Can you describe the project in detail?

It was a challenging, multi-faceted project with a leading automotive manufacturer here in Europe. First, we equipped a new measurement center with a total of 18 WENZEL R-Series horizontal-arm measuring machines. Using PointMaster industrial scanning we enabled direct data import from the CAD program CATIA V5.

We then integrated the customer’s 3D line scanner to run parallel to the new Wenzel scanners on the CMMs we installed. The 3D Line Scanner and our scanners were run into the PointMaster 5.4 software. Finally, we developed a new scanning method for complete car bodies.

What are the advantages of the new scanning method?

The work was radically simplified. Previously, only unidirectional movements were possible. That means that the sensor could only be moved in one direction when scanning. Now, due to a specific calibration, both sides can be measured bi-directionally.

Programming Time Reduced by 98% Due to New Bi-Direction

With the new PointMaster 5.4 programming time went from 4.5 hours to 5 minutes!

Total Time For Scan Down by 88% Due to New Scanning Method

The scanning time for an entire car body went from 3 hours and 20 minutes to about half an hour.

Total Scanned Points Shrunk by 93% Due to New Intelligent Efficiencies

Also the scanned cloud of points was reduced from 39 million to 2.7 million points, as a result of less overlapping scan fields and intelligent motion paths.

In addition, the measurements are fully protected against collision and it is possible to scale, move and reflect the CNC scan programs.

You talked about automated measurement reports. How do these work?

We’ve integrated a programming language similar to JavaScript in PointMaster. This makes it possible for PointMaster 5.4 industrial scanning software users to create programs, which automatically generate a test report.

With his much power and versatility, is intensive training necessary to work with the software?

No, PointMaster 5.4 is very intuitive and most features are supported by automation. The ease of use and intuitive operation is part of the appeal of PointMaster with our customers. You can take very complex problems and solve with minimal training and relatively few hours of effort.

automated measurement report
Screenshot PointMaster Version 5.4 – Scan path planning

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