Headed South of the Border with Mexico’s CMM Leader Borbolla Metrology


As you know, we’re called Wenzel America. What you may not realize is that doesn’t just mean the U.S.A and Canada. We cover all of North America, so come with us as we travel South of the border to visit the Republic of Mexico’s metrology leader – Borbolla Metrology.

A family-owned company with 20+ years of metrology experience

Like us, Borbolla Metrology is a family-owned company known for a level of service and agility you don’t find in any other type of company.

Founded in 2003 by Luis and Jorge Borbolla they have quickly become the leading metrology supplier in Mexico. Companies from the U.S., Canada, China, Korea, and of course, Mexico, rely on the expertise and service of the Borbolla brothers for the CMM and metrology equipment needs.

“Before we founded the company we’d been selling various metrology machines and equipment since the mid 90s and not every supplier delivered the level of service we wanted for our customers,” explained Luis.

“From this experience, we knew we had to start with handpicked vendors that shared our same values of quality, precision, and care for the customer.”

Building a solid foundation on shared values and the right partners

Their mission was to find OEM vendor-partners known for the highest accuracy and precision in their products and equally high-level service. The search left just a few companies on a pinnacle – including Wenzel America and Renishaw.

“Developing partnerships with metrology leaders like Wenzel and Renishaw, at the foundation of Borbolla Metrology, really put our new company on solid footing,” added Jorge.

“Working with another family-owned company like Wenzel America, who is known not just for precision CMMs, but for giving the best service in the industry, gave us the confidence we needed.”

In Metrology – Accuracy and Precision are a Team Sport

According to the brothers, their partnership with Wenzel America has been vital for the development of the company and has helped them expand their service capabilities across Mexico – selling and installing more than 120 Wenzel measuring machines in a myriad of companies of all sizes. This sales volume has made Borbolla the most valuable Wenzel partner in Mexico and helped them become one of the most experienced metrology companies in the country.

According to Andy Woodward, Wenzel America’s President, “We are supremely confident we can refer any of our U.S., Canadian, or other customers expanding into Mexico to Borbolla Metrology and they will receive the same level of service they have come to expect from us.”

5-Axis, Non-Contact, Bridge CMMs – Doing it all

Borbolla’s breadth of experience extends into the full Wenzel product line including 5-axis measurement and non-contact machines for NDT.
They’re experts in Wenzel/Renishaw 5-axis systems, having sold and installed a number of Wenzel frames mounted with REVO and PH20 probes. Their team also delivered the first two CORE units in Mexico, installing the 3D scanning units at a Honeywell plant there. And of course they’ve sold and installed many standard Wenzel Bridge CMMs in leading companies like Cummins, TRW, Pace, and Delphi.

Go Big or Go Home – Installing the largest Gantry CMMs in Mexico

Gantry CMM

You could say that Borbolla specializes in thinking big. With global manufacturers flocking to Mexico from China, Korea, Brazil, and Europe there is a big need for big CMMs.

To ensure they can fill that need, and install even the largest CMMs, the company owns the latest Renishaw laser equipment and a Hamar alignment laser to ensure accurate leveling. This means Borbolla can install custom-built large Wenzel LHF Gantry CMMs faster and easier than anyone else.

In fact, they have distinction of selling and servicing two of the largest custom-built Wenzel CMMs in the world. The two LHF Gantry CMMs were built and installed in Caterpillar’s Mexico plant and the largest measures 8 meters in length, 4 meters across the bridge, with a 2.5-meter measurement range in the Z-axis.

Metrology technicians as precise as the CMMs they sell

Selling and servicing the best measuring equipment in the industry is only half the equation for Borbolla Metrology. In order to achieve and maintain the highest levels of throughput and part measurement for their customers, they’ve got to follow through with the best software, service, and training.

To that end, the company’s technicians are certified in the latest metrology software including Wenzel’s OpenDMIS, Pointmaster, and Quartis. Their field techs also have expertise in Polyworks, Geomagic, PowerInspect, and even older CMM software like MeasureMax.

To ensure their customers always get the best service, they have five fully-trained field service engineers, backed up by three administrative support people who handle finance, logistics, and service coordination.

With Borbolla Metrology – What you see is what you get

Currently, Borbolla has a full-service demonstration center in Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico showcasing new and used Wenzel CMMs along with different probe and sensor head configurations.
This allows the company to share its expertise and gives customers an in-person view of Wenzel CMM and Renishaw probe customizations performance. With this ability to observe and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the systems clients can envision the exact inspection solution they need for precision measurement of their own parts.

Lots of dealers sell CMMs, but is accuracy guaranteed?


Borbolla’s Metrology lab is accredited under ISO 17025 by the American Laboratory Association (A2LA) to certify CMMs and optical comparators. They are also the only lab in Mexico with the ability to certify bigger CMMs up to 30 meters long.

Used CMMs, Retrofits, Inspection – It’s called full service

Along with the lab, Borbolla’s team of metrology experts retrofit used CMM machines with new Renishaw and Wenzel controllers plus Wenzel software in their fully-equipped facilities. They can also do the same retrofits onsite in the customer’s own plant if needed.

Additionally, they re-scale Renishaw tape scales, install CNC probes, do laser measurements, and do Ball Bar inspections for CNC machines. And, of course, all new equipment they sell is backed with a full warranty and the same level of expert support as new machines.

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep

Borbolla Metrology are approved suppliers for some of the biggest and best companies across a multitude of industries, including GM, CAT, John Deere, GE, TRW, Delphi, INTEVA, STRATTEC, CUMMINS, HELLA, VW, BOSCH, ALCOA, EMERSON, EATON, KAYDON, Whirlpool, Mitsubishi, FEMSA, METALSA, MAGNA, Messier, DANA, HBPO, Honeywell, Gulftream, Nemak, Mahle, Linamar, Tupy, Daimler, and Valeo.

That’s only a partial list, but you get the point – they are your go-to metrology resource in Mexico. With clients from across the globe, the Borbolla team speaks many languages, but the one they are most fluent in is the international language of metrology and precision measurement.

Find out more about Borbolla Metrology

Borbolla offers sales and service from its four offices across the Republic of Mexico in Saltillo Coahuila, Queretaro, Mexico City, and Chihuahua. Their website at www.borbollametrology.com is a resource for dimensional metrology and measurement needs for more than 10,000 Spanish-speaking visitors a month.

For further information about Borbolla Metrology’s products or services available across Mexico, please call 1-800-777-6433 or email their sales department at [email protected].