Improve Quality Control With CMM Training

Quality control is essential for consistent product delivery in any industry. One solution to achieving better quality control is through the implementation of coordinate measuring machines (CMM). However, new operators or operators unfamiliar with specific CMMs or CMM software contribute to issues with quality control. To prevent quality control issues within your workspace, our team at WENZEL recommends implementing an in-depth CMM training program.

Remember that training can also be included in the purchase of a new machine or software upgrade.

Benefits of Training

CMM training is generally custom-tailored per business and offers two primary benefits:

  • Hone & Expand Skillsets
  • Improve Company Savings

Expand Skillsets

In CMM programming and training courses, technicians will gain in-depth knowledge of precision measuring technologies and become proficient in their use, adding value to your products by ensuring they are accurately measured, manufactured, and inspected. This gives your customers peace of mind regarding the quality of your products.

Additionally, due to the rapid advance of CMM technology, staying ahead of the curve means your teams can identify potential improvements for existing systems/workflows and integrate them into your overall quality control processes.

With a training program, you can fully equip your teams with the necessary know-how to remain ahead of the competition and produce best-in-class products for the long term.

Improve Company Savings

Quality assurance and cost savings begin with qualified personnel. Accredited CMM Training programs provide you and your employees with the skills and knowledge needed to check parts for errors or defects accurately.

This ultimately results in decreased errors, more efficient work processes, and increased productivity, maximizing accuracy and repeatability, reducing wasted time and materials, and minimizing costly mistakes. Trained employees are also better equipped to identify potential problems before they arise, saving your business time and money in the long run.

Register Your Technicians for CMM Training

The importance of having a highly-skilled and educated team of technicians cannot be understated. If you’re looking for a custom CMM training program, our team at WENZEL is ready to help. As members of the AUKOM Association, we ensure our training programs are continually updated to reflect the latest industry trends and advancements. 

With our CMM training, your operators will help improve and maintain industry-leading quality control that will lead to success in your respective industry, helping overtake competitors and grow your market share. Contact us today with any questions or to register your technicians.