IMTS Aftermath


IMTS attendeesThe largest manufacturing trade show on the planet is demanding for everyone involved. From a sales perspective, the amount of work after the show is the exciting and slightly frightening part. So many follow ups and quotes to send. That is where my question arises. What do you prefer?

Most salespeople think they know what they’re doing but being isolated in the sales world, one can find it easy to evolve your own, often incorrect ideas. I have formed the opinion that it is best to contact the customer as soon as possible during or directly after a show. Not to harass them but out of respect to their time. They stopped and spoke to me out of the possible thousands of other vendors, the least I could do is email them back.

IMTS Wenzel machineMaybe not?  I recently spoke with a customer a week after the show and they were delighted I did not contact them at the show and were ok with the follow up coming more than a week after. This customer’s response turned me upside down. I can see their point of view too. Most customers are just as, if not busier than us salespeople.  So why would they not need some time to catch up and decompress?

Man standing at Wenzel boothI know I’m digging into an existential topic but I need to answer the nagging question. What do you prefer? Immediate contact or give me a week or two and why? Before we get to the survey I do understand this just may be personal preference but like many things in life, there should be a trend. I will study all your responses and post a blog with the results.


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