International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering

International Women in Engineering Day

International Women in Engineering Day is celebrated on 23 June 2021. Taking place annually, INWED is an international awareness campaign celebrating the work and achievements of women engineers. WENZEL had the opportunity this week to find out more about three of our lady Engineers and what it is that inspires and challenges them.

Mareen Feser and Franziska Seitz work together in the Mechanical Design and Development department at WENZEL’s Head office in Wiesthal, Germany.

Mareen finds her position working as a designer at WENZEL extremely diverse and appreciates the variety in her day-to-day tasks. “Especially working with different material and products as well as the technology side of it, makes for an interesting day at the office.”

Franziska enjoys being involved in the entire process and finds the development from the first drawing stages to the final tangible product fascinating. “Holding the final product in my hand motivates me” shared Franziska.

Both Mareen and Franziska knew they had a knack for the sciences but discovered their passion for technology during their first internship.

Ladies working as Engineers in the Mechanical Design and Development department
Mareen Leickert and Franziska Seitz

Franziska could see herself furthering her education so that she could become an expert, but especially becoming more hands-on, on the shop floor with the CMMs and different machines. Maureen also believes that it is important to keep studying in your field of interest and that being assertive is key to success as a woman in a very male-dominated industry.

Dr Annette Filges
Dr. Annette Filges

Our third lady for today’s Blog is Dr. Annette Filges who works in Research and Development in the Systems Engineering department. She has always enjoyed all the natural science subjects at school and was intrigued by how everything in science and nature just logically fits together.

She compares her daily work to that of a detective’s tasks, where she must analyze problems and find solutions to technical challenges. If there is something that she still would like to do in the future, it would be to take some time to focus on programming and improving her skills.

International Women in Engineering Day provides an important opportunity to highlight the amazing career opportunities available for women in engineering.

Though men still dominate the STEM workforce in many countries, women have come a long way since the 1970s.

“But don’t worry,” Dr. Annette says. “Women are on the rise in technical professions. And we are happy about every new female colleague.”

Our CMM and Metrology experts for Women in Engineering Day

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