Just Released – High Speed 3D Scanning Core CMM Video


On the heels of its highly touted Metrology Matters Live event in June Wenzel America has just released the first video in their 7-Systems Analysis technology series. This new video takes an inside look at the high-speed non-contact 3D scanning capabilities of the CORE CMM that has become the industry standard for turbine blade measurement. 

Wenzel America’s Latest Video from Metrology Matters Tech Series

August 1st, 2015 · Wixom, Michigan – With this latest video release, Wenzel America continues its 7-Systems Analysis educational video series. Applications Manager and 3D scanning industry pioneer, Giles Gaskell takes viewers inside the high-speed optical CMM called CORE.

The video showcases the CORE’s unique combination of measurement capabilities that allow the optical sensor to give precision measurements on shiny, uncoated parts without harming or touching the workpiece in anyway.

“There is no other machine that can do what the CORE CMM does,” Gaskell tells viewers.

“It uses light to take specific measurements on specific points just like a traditional CMM would do, with the advantages of high-speed and it doesn’t ever touch the part.”

The CORE 3D scanning technology has quickly become the standard in measuring ultra-smooth and reflective turbine blades for aerospace.  The optical CMM also has a very high precision of measurement – it can accurately measure the thickness of a fingerprint on a mirror – which makes it ideal for medical device manufacturers as well.

This is the first video in Wenzel America’s Technology series that will showcase each of seven measurement technologies used to measure the same 3D printed part at the Metrology Matters Live event held in June.

The company has previously released an overview video and companion Technical Review: A 7-Systems Analysis whitepaper that shows the overall measurement results and core strengths of each technology.

The CORE 3D scanning technology video is being released with its own companion whitepaper along with the Technology Scorecard that gives quality engineers the unique 7-Systems case study data at a glance.

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