Metrology is a Team Sport and We’ve Got a “Deep Bench”


While, Wenzel America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wenzel Group in Wiesthal, Germany and we don’t manufacture the CMMs and metrology machines we sell, we do EVERYTHING short of that.

Primarily, you could view Wenzel America as a support organization for the factory – delivering state of the art metrology products made in the various Wenzel factories in Germany and around the world.

That said, we have the full capability to engineer and assemble any Wenzel-made machine and just about any other brand CMM in the industry.

Highly trained, International in scope – Wenzel America’s Engineering Team

Wenzel Group Germany

Our “deep bench” of metrology experts includes some 35 very experienced and highly trained personnel. On our team roster are engineers who’ve come to us from Wenzel’s main German manufacturing facilities along with many other factory-trained engineers who went there to train.

In addition to those key players, our entire service team is also factory trained and certified by Renishaw on all of their products.

ISO Certifications and full life cycle services provided

Another key component of our support are quality systems approved under ISO 17025, which allows us to issue the Quality certifications you need.

In order to ensure customers keep winning with our products we also provide full life cycle services – starting at the front end to proof of concept application and contract inspection service all the way through CMM assembly, installation, maintenance and rebuild.

Not ready for a brand-new CMM, but still need modern metrology equipment – We’ve got you covered

Any team has a mix of superstar home-run hitters and reliable workhorses that just get hits – every time. The same goes for our product mix. The Aftermarket team buys, rebuilds and supplies used CMMs and all services needed to deliver the highest value best precision and accuracy for your dollar.

For your average tool shop these offerings give them superior inspection machines than what they could otherwise afford. It also means, when you are ready for a completely new Wenzel CMM you can get attractive offers for your trade-in.

Innovation solves CMM legacy issues every time

Additionally, because of our deep well of metrology knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions to the legacy issues experienced by most of our customers when buying a new CMM.

CMM Support & service hotline – because breakdowns don’t stick to the schedule

Moving over to the service side we operate a Metrology Support Hot Line. By leveraging WebEx and our major-league service team can resolve most of our customer’s issues immediately without the needing to call in field service to save the game.

cmm support and service breakdown

Combining this real time service with the renowned reliability and stability of the Wenzel machines makes for happy customers.

Just like today’s major league athletics teams depend on statistics and data to help them build winning clubs and beat their opponents we do the same with vital info about our customers’ metrology needs. A critical component of our service department is the meticulous records we maintain for all of our customers – details of all communications and service history that can be immediately viewed whenever you call in need of support.

Our Support Hot Line Manager, Mark Guest controls this whole data gathering process and talks to most customers personally when they have service issues. His vast knowledge of Wenzel CMMs and systems is matched by his personal commitment to solve any problem presented by a customer as quickly and permanently as possible.

He is also in constant real time communication with his technical peers at Wenzel Germany. Mark also maintains continuous communication channels with Renishaw’s Chicago service group and, through them, direct to Renishaw headquarters in the UK.

What this adds up to for you is the deepest bench of metrology experts in the industry. Through the power of this network you have access to the largest CMM support team in the world and yet with Mark here with you at the sharp end, you still get the personal service you’d expect from a family-owned company like Wenzel.

One of the most experienced applications & contract service teams anywhere

Our contract services team can cover a full range of CMM configurations and uses. From conventional touch and scanning systems to high speed Revo 5 Axis and PH20 5 Axis systems, they know them all.

For other inspection needs we have a whole range of optical and laser scanning systems both universal and dedicated optical production machines. The applications and contract services team can truly help identify the exact customer needs whether simple or complex.

We even offer cutting edge metrology with industrial CT or Computed Tomography. Our Applications Manager, Giles Gaskell talks about and regular demonstrates this a truly impressive and powerful product that has the computing power of six linked, quad cell computers! The level of inspection point clouds it offers is unrivaled.

This integral part of the Wenzel America team offers systems and contract services and proof-of-concept capabilities. We can provide the complete turnkey package including software required manipulate and handle these very large data files and complex geometries

Technical Know-how plus a sales team ready to handle any job – personally

wenzel group sales team

In addition to all the technical know-how and the deepest bench of metrology experts you’ll find anywhere, our front-end sales and office staff is also large enough to handle any job that comes our way but we’re small enough to be friendly, attentive and truly helpful.

Ready to put us in, coach? Give us a call 248-295-4300 and ask for Andy, Steve, Drew, Patrick or Bryn.