Wenzel is proud to announce our partnership with PJF Group.


pjf group logoPrecision Jig & Fixture (PJF) founded in 1995, will bring complementary values and open new opportunities for Wenzel. Like Wenzel, PJF is a customer focused organization that values quality over all else. PJF comprises four companies offering their customers a 17025 accredited, all-inclusive metrology experience. Last week I sat down with Joshua Bielecki, PJF’s Corporate Quality Manager and Rob Conner PJF’s General Manager to find out more about how a partnership between Wenzel and PJF will benefit our customers.

2l accreditedFor 23 years PJF has been a leader in the manufacturing of inspection tooling. With Michigan coming out of a recession in the early 2010s Dan Ketelaar owner of PJF saw an opportunity to further help his customers by expanding their offerings to include full inspection services. This momentum continued through the 2010s to encompass 4 locations covering half the US. With dedicated machining centers, 18 CMMs and multiple 3D scanners PJF has become an all-inclusive metrology service company.

I asked Rob So where does a Wenzel CMM fit in?

“Selling a CMM completes the customer experience. It may not be cost effective for the customer to have PJF to complete all their inspection work. In this case the customer can purchase a Wenzel and PJF will write programs and train the customer, so they are ready to inspect parts from day one. This is not any different than what we offered before, except now the customer can purchase quality hardware along with our service.”

Rob continued

precision testing“Being in the business as long as we have you learn a few things. One big fact in the industry is German build means quality. Our machining centers are all Hermles’ and have given us many years of worry free operation. Wenzel also being hand made in Germany allows us to offer that same experience to our customers.”

As a family owned company, Wenzel has built a foundation on treating customers, employees and partners like family. We at Wenzel are excited to partner with a company that has the same approach. Like Wenzel, PJF’s workforce are industry veterans who chose to work at PJF because of the relationships they build with their customers.

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