You could get your money back!

Mitchum PM front view

I’m lucky that I get the opportunity to attend events such as conferences and industry events and give presentations in which I get to evangelize about the technologies I work with at Wenzel America.  In recent years if any of you have seen one of my presentations about CT Scanning there is a good chance it will have contained at least a mention of an exercise we did to see how much we could analyze and reverse engineer an underarm deodorant using CT scanning technology.

mitchum pm dimensionsAll good things come to an end unfortunately and as my presentations have moved on  to include new material, I’m retiring the deodorant so before I do; I’m going to commit the pictures to my blog for posterity.mitchum pm side view

What the pictures show so well is how by using CT scanning you can capture every aspect of an assembly in exactly the state it is during use, without dismantling it and “spoiling the evidence”.  So we can see not just how the parts are assembled, we can see the interaction of the parts with the gel.  We can see where the gel leaks though and where it sets hard; We can remove the parts “virtually” from the assembly and measure them.mitchum x section

We can even make CAD models from the scans of the parts and redesign them; We can fit those redesigned parts back into the assembly and simulate how the new product would function.mitchum vg screw detailmitchum vg gelmitchum vg side viewWe can do all that without even undoing the packaging and removing the part; We can scan it still in its box.  If you are interested in thoroughly examining and researching either your own or a competitor’s product as part of a “benchmarking” exercise; Give us a call, we have just the right tools for the job. Finally, and as I have said many times, If you can remember to keep the receipt for the product, after having thoroughly examined and researched every part of it;  You will be able to return  it to the shop and get your money back for it.