A Different Perspective


Wenzel Building

In July 2017, I made an internship at Wenzel America who is part of the Wenzel Group , a family-owned supplier of coordinate measuring machines and metrology equipment. Headquartered in Wiesthal, Germany, the Wenzel Group is the largest family-owned supplier of measuring machines and equipment in the world. In addition to the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) Wenzel also offering different machines in the sector of CT, CORE, Gear Inspection Machines , and also the software for those machines.

During my time in Wixom, I had the opportunity to explore many different sectors of the business, with the goal of my internship being to gain as much knowledge of the various products and the American business as I could. It began with an introduction to the CORE machines, showcasing the speed and flexibility with which they can measure a variety of parts.

Aerial view of facility

Some examples of what we can measure can be found here. Prior to this internship, I never had the chance to work at a CT machine, but was now able to spend several days covering the basic operation and assisting the team with Contract Inspection.

After that I had a 2-day training in UCC server and OpenDMIS, which is one measuring software Wenzel is offering. This was then followed by an intensive 4-day training in Open DMIS which helped me to see how different software can offer different ways to take on the same measurement job.

Because I had already used Quartis during my internship previously in WENZEL Messtechnik Leipzig, I was now able to make a comparison of the differences between this software, and OpenDMIS. In a future post, I will share more information on this topic.

Two men discussing CMM Inspection

Additionally, I was able to visit some companies in the Detroit area touring a foundry, and visiting a customer to learn more about the manufacture and inspection of high quality gears for the aerospace market.

In my final week with Wenzel America, I helped prepare and host a networking event with their partner Automation Alley. This event brought local companies to the Wenzel America office for a look at the technology and the chance to meet new people in industry.

After this 4 weeks of internship at Wenzel America Ltd., I now am more knowledgeable of the of products Wenzel  offers and know something about the software, which controls our machines. In the future I hope to continue working with these products and learn more about measuring different parts.