LH Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Gantry

LH Gantry combines the accuracy of a Bridge CMM with top coordinate measuring volume. These machines are ideal for large, heavy, tight tolerance machined parts and tooling.

LHF Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine


A traveling Bridge CMM designed specifically for the most challenging work pieces. Ideal for inspection of maritime powertrain, aerospace frames and landing gear.

R-Series Coordinate Measuring Machine


The RS is a good-value, mechanical bearing, Horizontal Arm CMM, side mounted onto an inherently stable base plate. This system generally does not need a foundation so can be easily installed into an existing room.

GT 1200

GT Series 1200

Components for large scale machines from the field of machinery and plant engineering need a suitable gear measuring machine. The GT 1200 is the largest measuring machine of the series, making an easy loading of heavy parts possible.



CORE M is a 6-axis, optical CMM system ideal for measurement of medium to the largest turbine or fan blades or any other parts with polished, reflective surfaces and sharp edges.



CORE S is a 5-axis, optical CMM system ideal for measurement of small to medium turbine blades, medical implants or any parts with polished, reflective surfaces and sharp edges.

GT 300

GT Series 300

The GT 300 was especially developed for the measurement and analysis of smaller gears and rotational symmetrical parts from the automotive industry. Optionally the GT 300 can be equipped with a tailstock for measurements between centers.

GT 900

GT Series 900

Whenever engine components for aviation or smaller marine gear units need to be measured, GT 900 is the ideal gear measuring machine. It is equipped with a movable tailstock—allowing this machine to be loaded easily.

GT 450

GT Series 450

The GT 450 gear measuring machine is typically used in the aerospace, automotive and their supplier industries. It allows the precise analysis of gears and rotationally symmetrical parts up to a diameter of 450 mm.

GT 650

GT Series 650

Due to the maximum measurable diameter of 650 mm, the GT 650 is especially well suitable for the analysis of geared parts and shafts used in commercial vehicles, rail transmissions or construction and agricultural machinery.

XO Coordinate Measuring Machine

XOrbit CMM

An entry level, top-quality version of our CMMs. This machine brings the renowned stability of a granite CMM to the entry level market, in a variety of sizes and configurations.

SF-55 Shop Floor

SF 55

The SF 55 is a CNC Bridge measuring device for use in a production environment and can be equipped with both tactile and optical sensors. The corrosion-free guides of the machine are made of granite and hand lapped with high precision.

LH Compact Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Compact CMM

The precision you require in a compact sized machine. Whether you need an entry level machine or a machine with greater emphasis on performance—our products will exceed your expectations.

SF-87 Shop Floor

SF 87

The new SF 87 Coordinate Measuring Machine is the universal measuring machine for the production environment. The SF 87 requires little floor space and is ideal for a large part of the metal cutting and forming industry.

LH Large Coordinate Measuring Machine

LH Large CMM

The Large LH CMM is the latest in high-performance Bridge style CMMs. The Large LH CMM combines the legacy of the LH CMM with a modern look, as well as the latest in sensor technology.

SF 1210

SF 1210

The new coordinate measuring machine SF 1210 is WENZEL’s answer to the trend to bring metrology closer to production. The SF 1210 offers a large measuring volume of 1200 x 1500 x 1000 mm.

MMA Series Shop Floor

WM | MMA Series Mobile 7-Axis

By combining a portable 7-axis measuring arm with a high-resolution line scanner, which captures every detail contact-free, the measuring arms represent a useful complement to your established classical coordinate measuring systems.

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